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Promocodewatch Christmas Wishlist 2017

The one-week countdown has begun. It's not exactly time to panic, yet. A week is plenty of time to address your shopping list, and even enough time to order items online in most cases. Santa sure has updated his infrastructure.

With every passing year come temporary tastes and long term cultural staples. Who knows which of the below items end up in the junk closet and which remain prominently in use by the time next Christmas rolls around. Until then, it's fun to imagine opening one of each on Christmas morning and deciding for ourselves.

Waterproof speaker

The waterproof aspect isn't as necessary as the Bluetooth functionality, in this case. Make sure to check reviews and confirm there are no connectivity issues with devices you plan to connect with. The waterproofing, of course, will enhance your showering experience considerably. Wishlist: JBL Link 20 Wireless Smart Speaker

External power bank

We've included this item in a handful of Essential Gear Checklists in the past year. They are endlessly helpful in an age when everything is wireless and runs on a perpetually low battery. Wishlist: RAVPower 6,700mAh


You can't go wrong with a good set of luggage. The stresses of limited space, wobbly wheels, and broken seams can and should be avoided at all costs. No one wants to see your undies on the luggage line. Wishlist: Merax Travelhouse Aluminum Hardshell


Amateur photography is a booming industry thanks to the development of smartphone cameras and, frankly, Instagram. There still is, and hopefully always will be, a difference between taking good photos with a phone and being a photographer. Wishlist: Sony a7sii

Streaming device

Cutting the cord is all the rage, and for good reason. Streaming allows for a more of a restaurant menu- you pay for what you want. It's also cheaper in most cases. The app-ification of TV has only just begun. There are a handful of solid options in the field. Wishlist: Apple TV


The colorful world of basketball sneakers has melded with the chic side of footwear to create the recent batch of fashion-forward signature baller shoes that double as works of art. Wishlist: Nike Kyrie 3


Star Wars is a sure bet this time of year, as are LEGO sets, and everything super and hero. Wishlist: Jurassic World LEGO Raptor Escape

Camping gear

As the world literally burns, it's important to set aside time to appreciate the great outdoors. That appreciation is harder to come by laying in a leaky tent or while a thin sleeping pad offers no resistance to the jagged ground below. Wishlist: Kelty Trail Ridge 6

Home assistant

If you were one of the Black Friday shoppers that didn't come home with a little digital buddy, it's only a matter of time before one is giving you traffic updates as you brush your teeth. Wishlist: Amazon Echo Heather Gray Fabric


VR is a hot item, although technology in the field is likely to triple its wow-factor in the coming years. Wishlist: Nintendo Switch


Tablet, laptop, tabtop, they can do it all, now. No young go-hard is complete without a swiss army tablet. Wishlist: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Water bottle

Water bottles are not a challenge to come by. Sure, a flimsy plastic bottle can be reused a time or two, more if cleaned. But, why not save strain on the environment by investing in one of these magical (pretty much) steel flasks? Ice for hours and hours, and steaming hot coffee for as long as you need it to be. Wishlist: Hydro Flask 32oz Wide Mouth

Fitness tracker

These mini supercomputers are like having a physical trainer, nurse, and personal assistant all tied to your arm at once. Apologies for the visual. Wishlist: Fitbit Flex 2

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