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How to Host a Successful Friendsgiving 2016

Coordinate dishes beforehand. You can't have a Friendsgiving with nothing but 20 servings of cranberry sauce! Make sure to coordinate what dishes each friend will be bringing well in advance of your Friendsgiving 2016. You'll want to make sure you cover the essentials: a big, fat turkey, potatoes and gravy of course, something for an appetizer, cranberry sauce, green beans and naturally, a wide selection of dessert pies. You can't have Friendsgiving without pie. Check out our grocery coupons to save on Thanksgiving food.

Bring a bottle of something good. It's time to get loose, folks! Take advantage of time off work and the gathering of people you claim to love and share a bottle of something nice. Why not some tequila or whiskey? Or maybe a bottle of Merlot is more your style... It's the holidays baby!

Be prepared for leftovers. If you're hosting Friendsgiving 2016 this year, be prepared for plenty of food for the week. That means you'll want to have tupperware ready to go. Stock up on tupperware for cheap with Amazon coupons. Also, be ready for dirty hands this Thanksgiving with paper towels to go around, also available for cheap at Amazon.

Don't invite the family. Leave the family at home for Friendsgiving 2016. It's all about the pals. Schedule your Friendsgiving so the whole crew can make it. That means you'll likely have to pass on Thanksgiving Day, unless you're all available.

Tune into the NFL games. NFL on Thanksgiving is a time-tested tradition that you shouldn't be keen on breaking. First up, we have the Minnesota Vikings taking on the Detroit Lions. Then it's the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. Finally, in the game of the night, we have the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Indianapolis Colts. These teams are all in the hunt this year, making the Thanksgiving 2016 NFL lineup one to definitely tune into.

Bust out the boardgames. Dust off those old boardgames and get ready for a night of laughs! By the time you're done with dinner, you should also be pretty well into those bottles we mentioned before, wink wink. Whether you're playing Cranium, Euchre, Skip-Bo, Settlers of Catan or a classic round of Monopoly, getting everyone together for some games at the end of the night is the best way to cap things off. Get board games for Thanksgiving 2016 at Target.

Insert naps where appropriate. Turkey dinner makes you tired. Don't fight it. Give into the naps.

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