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Essential Gear Checklist: Christmas Party

Do- not- panic. Hosting family and friends during the Christmas season doesn't need to be a high-stakes venture. Pour a glass of eggnog, sing along with John, and relax, there are only about a thousand specific details to account for before guests arrive.

But really, a Christmas gathering isn't about the decor or the music, or even the gifts. It's about the people! Do your best to make guests comfortable, warm, and well fed, and the seasonal positivity will flow naturally. Be sure to take a moment and listen to the lively conversation around you, if only to confirm how much better it sounds than a group text notification.

Essential things needed for a Christmas Party


The official Christmas beverage, eggnog is delicious with alcohol and without. Its heaviness, however, is a natural enemy to the ever present food coma weighing on the well-fed masses during the holiday season. Whatever you do, don't read the nutrition facts.


Like we mentioned last week, movies are great background noise during a Christmas gathering. No one hangs on every word, but attention stealing scenes like Clark Griswold lighting up the neighborhood and Ralphie shooting his eye out may bring hush to the crown for a moment or two.


Christmas music, for some, doesn't carry the charm of its cousin content in film. Repetition is the problem, in my opinion. Keep a diverse playlist and jump through eras to keep it interesting. Be careful with the Mariah Carey album, you will assuredly find yourself singing it in the shower eight months later.


A innocent Christmas smootch never hurt anyone. But, maybe take it down as the evening progresses and the drinks start to flow.


Whatever it is, cook for more than would feed the family. A solid crockpot lineup does the season well, and gives your home that wafting welcome home goodness that keeps even the heartiest eaters ready for seconds.


Candy canes are a timeless classic but fall, in my opinion, into the decor category more so than the treat tray. That real estate is best reserved for Christmas cookies, all of them.


String lights, while an immense pain to untangle, are an absolute necessity to any festive holiday party. Other standards include the obvious adorned tree, aforementioned mistletoe, and a general sparkling snowy white esthetic against lush green and rose red.

Ugly sweaters

The official uniform of Christmas- the ugly sweater. Retailers have caught on in recent years and cooked up an array of modern revivals of the classic frumpy holiday look. Bonus points, as always, for original vintage.


Eggnog is one warm to warm up a holiday party, hot adult cider is another. Don't take for granted the opportunity a Christmas party provides to put out something other than cans of Bud Light.


A thoughtful gift for each guest is a great touch to any party, although an added expenditure during an already wallet draining moment in time. Arranging a white elephant or secret santa is a little more practical and spreads out the spend evenly among visitors.

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