by Eric Green 7 months ago

5 Costume Ideas for Halloween 2016

When it comes to Halloween, Promocodewatch doesn't play around. And if you're dressing up for Halloween 2016, you shouldn't either. Let's go through a few of our favorite ideas for Halloween costumes this year and get you dialed in! It's time to get weird.

1. Trumps and Clintons: With the political circus front and center in the mainstream media, you can rest assured the most popular Halloween 2016 costumes will be variations of one of two people: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Rock some extra tiny hands and a floppy toupee to pull of the Trump look or if you're more into Hillary, go with a dark blue ladies power suit and have your significant other go as Bill. Go the extra mile and throw in some balloons to make Billary extra happy.

2. New South Park: The 20th season of South Park started in September and is providing plenty of potential 2016 Halloween costumes. Go out as PC Principal and kill some vibes or dress up like Member Berries and make everyone remember when America used to be great! If you haven't seen South Park season 20, you can watch all the new episodes on Hulu from your Apple TV.

3. Resurgence of Classics: Beloved classics re-emerged this year and make great costumes to wear this Halloween. Baloo from Jungle Book, an alien from Independence Day and of course, anything from Star Wars all top our list for the favorite classics that make the best topical 2016 Halloween costumes. Check out Fandango deals and see current flicks like Sausage Party and potential Halloween goldmine, Pete's Dragon!

-Halloween Tip for this Year Add a lightsaber to any costume for that extra umph. And if someone gets smart and wants to know who you're supposed to be, just pull a Darth Maul and chop that smack talker in half.

4. Hilarious Current Events: This year, some comical current events made it to the surface of the news, and we're not even talking about the presidential candidates here (see #1). Exhibit A: Anthony Weiner. Sure, he's another whack politician and we've already ripped there... but this one is just too hilarious to not include. The former congressman has had another long, hard year with even more raunchy texts and pics leaked. Why not keep it simple with a pair of boxer briefs, a tucked pickle and a tie and/or brief case for the added punch. Cell phone in hand with dirty pics readily available is a must. Even if people don't get the direct reference, it's still funny.

-Halloween Deal Alert Get out there and do something this Halloween! Or be someone really, really good looking! There are plenty of ways to have a great time this holiday, and cheap too. If you know where to look... For those who want to get out and do something different this year, keep up on Groupon promo codes. They'll sort things out locally for you, with regular deals popping up daily. For those who want to be something neat, Amazon all day!

5. Social Media Spoofs: There's no shortage of spoofs when it comes to social media. Snapchat is a good example that comes to mind easily. Why not replicate one of the many popular Snapchat filters for a 2017 Halloween costume? We remember cracking up at videos featuring our friends as unicorns, squishy faced freaks, bumblebees and many, many more. Hang out for 10 seconds and then disappear, like a real Snapchat!

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