by Arthur Smithee a year ago

5 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day


Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. With the arrival of warmer weather, it is no surprise the holiday has become one of the most actively celebrated. And like any long holiday weekend, Memorial Day can get expensive. To help you plan this years celebration, we've come up with 5 ways you can enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank.

Explore a State or National Park

Parks typically let visitors in for free over Memorial Day weekend. If you've got kids, this is a fun, inexpensive way to spend your holiday.

Spend The Day At The Beach

If you live by the coast and the weather permits it, a relaxing day at the beach is perfect for Memorial Day. Pack some drinks and sandwiches and get a head start on your summer tan.

Have a Picnic

A classic picnic is a refreshing way to spend your day. All you'll need is a few blankets, snacks, and a patch of grass. Head to your local park to enjoy the company of others, or set up a more intimate environment in your own backyard.

Host a Barbecue

Memorial Day is a perfect day for a barbecue. If you are on a budget, host the barbecue yourself. You'll be doing all the work organizing the event and cooking, so it won't be considered rude to ask your guests to bring the food and beverages.

Shop Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day weekend is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year. Major retailers like Kohl's and Old Navy are known to run huge sales all weekend long. If you haven't gotten a Father's Day gift for Dad yet, it would be wise to take advantage of these killer sales.

Arthur Smithee

Arthur Smithee is a journalist and savings expert with over 10 years experience in the online coupon industry.

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