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10 Ways to Save Money on Summertime Baseball Fun in 2017

Summer is all about one thing in America: Major League Baseball. Whether you're excited to go to the ballpark or just watch an MLB game from home this summer, Promocodewatch has tips for saving money MLB games for you to take advantage of all summer long! Get your friends and family together and have fun at an MLB stadium this summer.

Here are our top 10 ways to save money on baseball for summer 2017.

10 Tips to Save Money with the MLB

1. Get friends together for a group discount. Booking MLB tickets as a group is a great way to save money on what can sometimes be a pricey affair. Get as many friends together as you can and book a group package online. We recommend getting a catered box if you're balling!

2. Save money on MLB tickets with SeatGeek. Using an event ticket aggregator like SeatGeek is a great way to search a ton of different events at once while ensuring you get the best prices available. Right now, SeatGeek is also offering new users an extra $5 off the first order. Seems like a great opportunity to get in cheap to a summer MLB game! Don't forget your baseball glove. Which brings us to our second point...

3. Find deals on baseball gear at Amazon. Amazon is our favorite one-stop-shop for pretty much anything. And with Amazon Prime, you can wait until right before gameday to order a new baseball glove and you will still get it in time! Save money on all things baseball related at Amazon from baseball gloves to team jerseys to baseball cleats for YOUR gameday.

4. Watch the game at a local sports bar. Another great way to enjoy the excitement of an MLB game without having to actually go to an MLB game is to head on down to a sports bar and watch it with the locals. Who knows, maybe the game will coincide with their happy hour and save you even more cash!

5. Book cheap gameday travel with CheapAir. Whether you want to see the Pirates in Pittsburgh or the Padres in San Diego, CheapAir can get you there with summer travel deals. Summer baseball is a great opportunity to get out and explore a new part of our beautiful country and it doesn't need to break the bank either. Book your summer travel promo code with CheapAir today!

6. Search cheap hotels at For those getting out of town for a MLB game this summer, don't overspend on a hotel! Book hotel deals at and ensure that you see only the best price available. Tell them we sent you!

7. Stock up on cheap gameday snacks at Walmart. Lacking the desire to go out and experience a summer MLB game at the stadium? We can't say we blame you. Sometimes there's nothing more fun (or cheap) than having friends over for the big game and chowing down on snacks and beers for a full 9 innings... and then some. Stock up on all your baseball party needs at Walmart this summer!

8. Enjoy a special stadium night. Stadiums across the country employ various methods to draw fans into the stadiums and fill out those seats. Special stadium nights where fans get ball caps, shirts or bobbleheads are a great way to get the most bang for your MLB ticket. A fun night out at the stadium AND a free souvenir? Why would you go any other night?

9. Catch all your teams games on MLB Extra Innings. For those who have a cable subscription through a name like Direct TV and live in the market of your favorite MLB team, look into an MLB Extra Innings subscription. This will allow you to catch every single game your team plays whether it's home or away. It'll also ensure you can save money watching MLB games from the comfort of your home all summer long!

10. Bet big on the game. Feeling lucky this summer? Take some of those hard earned bucks and put them where your mouth is by betting on the MLB game. Use an online service like Bovada to place your MLB bet this summer and don't forget about your friends over here at Promocodewatch when you hit it big!

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